Because the Revolutions here and you know that it’s right.

by ecoethicalvegan

I’m no longer the ‘traditional’ vegan. I have decided that it’s time for a revolution, a protest of sorts.

I am going to draft a set of requirements that will qualify you, someone, as an ‘Ecoethicalvegan’.

It’s going to be radical so sit your vegan ethics on your non human animal couch and hold on to your Barnivore approved cocktail. Give me a couple of days and an early draft will appear here and will also be subject to change after review. See ya in a few šŸ™‚

Here we go hang on to your guinness!

1) Bi-valves can be consumed.

2) Rescue eggs can be consumed.

3) Use of non commercial ethically sourced honey can be consumed.

4) Using Only recycled Wool-Leather-Fur-Down-Silk etc is acceptable.
Recycled meaning from a thrift store, handed down from a family member or friend etc.

5) Use of found animal parts or recycled animal parts can if you so wish be used to decorate your home, e.g. antlers, skin, skulls etc.

6) Use of humanely treated service animals are considered ethical.

7) Products that are processed using animal parts that are no longer in the final product are permissable, e.g. bone char filtered products, isinglass filtered products.

8) Acceptance of hunting season for local jurisdictions is justifiable because human safety is paramount.

9) The use of research on animals for human/non human life saving procedures & medications is permissable insofar as it is ethically called for & conducted. The phasing out of all animal testing is ultimately the goal for everyone and by supporting an organization such as PCRM we will help expedite the time when all animal testing will end.

10) The ecoethicalvegan is admonished to conduct themselves in such a manner as to honour the lives of humans first, then non human animals and in conjunction with this, the ennvironment. ecoethicalvegans do not consume, abuse, nor do they exploit any animal, human or non human.

11) ecoethicalveganism is a groundbreaking set of ideals that
will always strive to be current, as such we will continually examine our ethical and moral obligations to best serve humans and nonhumans. In keeping with this mindset we will stay abreast of the latest scientific, biological, and ecological findings and in light of new information will adapt and change with it as is deemed beneficial to the members of our society.

ok there it is, I’m ready to hear critisism, admonition, & questions. I’m sure there are changes that can/need to be made but I wanted to get this set of tenets published.

Talk to me….