The Slippery Slope

by ecoethicalvegan

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no! it’s SuperBi Valve!!!!!! I’m not sure if you see the analogy but I’m going to explain what it is about bivalves that should set your ve-dar going off at an earthquake richter shaking scale of non human animal shaking proportions.

Is it a plant, is it an animal, is it a what?.. What is it about the bivalve that makes it or should I say him/& or her a gastronomic conundrum for food ethicists. Bivalvia are taxonomically classed as Kingdom Animalia, however there is much debate as to whether they feel pain or exhibit sentience sufficient to exclude them from the plate of a conscientious consumer.

You may choose to simplify non consumption by arguing I err on the side of the ‘I give them the benefit of the doubt’ therefore I don’t consume them. That is a personal choice that I don’t have a problem with. On the other hand I personally don’t believe bivalvia (generally speaking and not including all taxa) are sentient enough (and here we go with another sliding scale/slippery slope argument, think ‘if a human were in a coma and considered ‘a vegetable would you eat it?) for me to exclude them from your ethically considerate dining fare.

What I don’t allow myself to get caught up in is the ‘well, what about the slippery slope’ fallacy, it goes something like this…

Being vegan 99% of the time means you are still vegan but then you get this response:

Dunno about you guys, but I rape children and beat women too, but only 1% of the time…because I deserve it.

The above response is trying to say you’re either vegan all the time or if you choose to eat a cake your 99 year old grandma made, that included an egg then NO YOU’RE NOT VEGAN ever again.

Here’s how I see it.

An ecoethicalvegan cannot exist and will one day return to omnivorism because once she (yeah let’s go with she, matter of fact her name is vegana) makes the conscious decision to eat a rescue hens egg then what’s next!, here we go slippery slope territory.

It starts with a boiled egg, next is a glass of milk from an ethically and lovingly raised cow, then before a ‘vegan’ can say boo to a dickie bird (which they wouldn’t do because the dickie bird might have a heart attack) Vegana figures what the hey! I think I’ll have a little honey in mah pancakes!…… sliding sliding…… next she says porky the pig only had a coupla days to live anyway so she digs into a sixpack of crispy bacon, well porky would’ve wanted it that way because Vegana and porky were good friends for a lifetime (well at least porky’s lifetime which was cut short because a mans) Vegana’s gots to eat (times are tough you know and porky’s glad to help out)….more slippin an slidin goin on.

Finally it comes down to this Vegana contemplates by saying if I eat eggs-honey-milk & bacon I might as well just be a regular joe Jane and eat EVERYTHING!!! and she strips off and dives into a huge meal that her friends prepared and rolls around in all the non vegan angel cake-sausages-pork fat dripping gravy with mashed potatoes-venison-twinkies-KFC-Big Macs and of course you have to have pepporoni pizza with three kinds of cheese and after eating it all she drops dead because her arteries got clogged which shows to go the (say this with a very slow and low echo’y voice) she succumbed to the sliiiperrry slo o ppppe.

ok if you believe that one then maybe you need a shrink, if on the other hand you think that whole situation is ridiculous and maybe funny then I think we’re on the same track (great minds think alike)

Just because Vegana ate an egg doesn’t in any way shape or form mean she’s going to slide into some kind of self fulfilling deadly Karma, she just wanted an egg, that’s it, nothing else, she’s still an ethically grounded conscientious consumer that has the ability to draw the line at a level she is comfortable with and still be an ecoethical vegan.

Maybe you connect with her, maybe not, either way talk to me, tell me what you think.