Is veganism as dead as a doormouse

by ecoethicalvegan

This is a general response to some of the
comments about the growth/non growth of veganism.

There obviously are a lot more vegan food options now compared to 10 years ago so there’s no debate/argument against that.

However I personally think the negative response to veganism per se is something (your experience will perhaps be different from mine) like 50/50. I meet people from time to time that I have to tell that I’m vegan and half the time it’s not a good response yet other times it’s ok.

In RL I’m very casual with my veganism, I definitely am from the school of thought that says just lead by example unless you want to come across as self righteous.

I don’t see veganism growing exponentially, I think it will keep growing albeit very slowly but I also feel that we end up with a lot of collateral loss because it’s a big cultural change for most people that have meat centric societal ties.

My view is that in order for veganism to grow at a faster rate it has to change with technology and has to be more tolerant, e.g. how we view products that have been exposed to animal products like bone char, or are service animals off limits, or vegans working in zoos, or if a vegan chooses to eat eggs/milk that are sourced from what they deem ethical sources.

Flaming wars proliferate the discussion on vegan forums faster than a speeding bullet/superman as soon as some of theses subjects are brought up, and at some point if veganism doesn’t allow for some or more of these issues to change it will stagnate and people will look elsewhere for something that fit’s them/their lives.

I think this is already the case to some extent because I see other ‘vegan’ oriented sites that are currently doing just that.

What do you think, will veganism last in it’s current form or will it be replaced sometime in the future because of it’s dogmatic tone.

I’d luv to hear what ya’ll think.