Paradign Shift

by ecoethicalvegan

I have been a vegan for a little over 3 years, relatively speaking, that is not a long time. However in terms of time mentally, spiritually and psychoanalytically that I’ve spent being vegan, it seems like decades to me.

Recently I have been re-thinking my veganism because it’s what I do, I give myself mental checks and balances in order to make sure I’m not stuck in a rut, I do this in all areas of my life.

I started thinking about recycling and how it is reflected through my being vegan. I had to replace a belt I needed and found myself at a thrift store looking at the belts and picked up a belt that looked terrific only to find it was leather. My first instinct was…bummer! can’t have it, it’s not vegan.

This is when I had a revolutionary, kinda like a paradigm shift in my veganess , I asked myself if it really was unvegan to own/purchase a recycled leather belt, and as one thought rolled into another I went down that oft mentioned slippery slope that vegans tend to opine when talking shop with other vegans on the interwebs (funny word, thought I would throw it in to break up the gloomy nature of my diatribe)

For anyone that stumbles across my blog….well Hi!! feel free to drop by anytime and as I expand on my new revolutionary vegan me, slam me, commend me, argue with me, educate me, but most of all, remember that animals are animals and so are we.

How about you, use or don’t use thriftstore leather?