The Vegan Grey Zone

by ecoethicalvegan

My view is that if they’re not sentient it’s not unethical, (and no that doesn’t include a human that’s comotose, remember, this is a humans first approach to veganism)

There are studies that show some insects being eaten alive by other insects while they themselves are continuing to eat something else, to me that suggests non sentience.

As you already know there are varying degrees of self awareness/intelligence with just about any genus and it’s no different with bivalvia.

For the sake of my own checks & balances I have read a lot of info about bivalves and have come to the conclusion (at least to my satisfaction) that generally bivalves are not sentient. I think most of what they do is similar to plants, which is to react to stimuli without consciousness.

So vegans don’t eat insects or bivalvia but I don’t care if they do, As I have previously mentioned, using leather or wool or eating rescue eggs from ethically responsible sources is another grey area for vegans. Why do I say ‘grey area’ it’s because the vegan police are waiting to swoop down on any ‘vegan’ daring to entertain even the slightest thought of perhaps wearing a feather in their hair that they may have found while walkng in the woods, or eating a food item that was prepared with sugar that may have been processed using bone char or an egg that came from a hen rescued from certain death.

I would still view them as vegan because I think spiritually speaking veganism is about not abusing sentient beings and not about the taxa of the day.

One thing I’d like ecoethical veganism to be about is to be about ‘willing to change’ as the world changes, to be informed of the latest technological/scientific advances & discoveries and to be able to implement that into our ecoethical lives without being chained to a dogmatic set of antiquainted ideals that ultimately do no good, for us the planet or the animals.

So I say if you want to drink that guiness that may or may not have been fined with egg whites or isinglass, or eat the damn cake with bone char processed sugar, then go for it! be an ecoethical vegan, unchain your ethics and most of all be ‘present’ in your choices, not in in your ties to dogmatic automatonic actions!

Yes, no, maybe?, talk to me…