Primitivism vs Veganism vs Realism

by ecoethicalvegan

The clock will never dial back to primitivism (one where we have a hunter or two in every family or compound of families with several hunters) it’ll lead right back to where we are now (history already bears this out)

It’s not as though everyone on the planet is going to have a paradigm shift in thinking ‘en masse’ and say we’re destroying the planet environmentally so let’s all be farmers and hunters and destructure our cities. Sustainability and ecological survival has to go hand in hand with technological and scientific advancement in addition to curtailing the growth of the human population and we have to bring water to regions where there is none.

In addition to the above, veganism needs a broader baseline in order to ‘attract’ more followers/adherents/people, for example making it less restrictive when it comes to using commodities like bone char filtered sugar or isinglass/egg white fined guinness etc or the recognition of different levels of veg*n not being viable to the vegan police

The vegan police have to recognise that the whole of mankind will never all be vegan (Realism) and learn to live with and not alienate non-vegans by making veganism unattainable. (this particular point is paramount if vegans want numerical growth)

If sustainability and the preservation of our environment is the endgame then veganism has got to be more inclusive not exclusive. What I’m proposing is something akin to vegetarianism. e.g. ‘pescevegan’ ‘ovovegan’ ‘ecovegan’ ‘dietaryvegan’ etc.

So instead of berating someone for where they draw the line, we should be welcoming them into the ‘vegan’ club, why? because there is political strength in numbers.

Yes No Maybe?