‘The Abolitionist Approach, in a Nutshell’, is Untenable.

by ecoethicalvegan

It may seem obvious to the reader of this post (you) that ethical veganism (which I am personally at some level at odds with too) and abolitionism relative to non-human rights should be in perfect symbiosis/harmony with one another,  well Au contraire, Mon ami it is not so.

The ‘Abolitionist’ ‘Bill of Rights’ in a ‘Nutshell’ as proposed by the self appointed (is that true? or was he appointed by popular consensus) guru Gary L, Francione Professor, Rutgers University is not only untenable as an ideal but is also vacuous in the real world. The purpose of this essay is to examine Francione’s nutshell within the nutshell. Here it is, the nutshell, “The goal is to abolish animal use, not to regulate treatment. The means to the goal? Go vegan and educate others about veganism”. I don’t know about you, (but I am looking forward to vigorous employment of your gray matter in defending his position, and also but extremely unlikely that he’ll defend his position personally) but I don’t believe for even a (what is shorter than a moment?) moment that abolition of the ‘use’ of non-human animals will ever see the light of day.

Let’s see, what are abolitionists asking for? (I’m just going to name a few & in no particular order) and I’d like for you to get into the spirit of  ‘things’ and play along with me in a devil’s advocate kinda way, fun right? here we go!

1) Ask McDonalds,  Burger King , Wendy’s,  KFC,  Dominoes,  Walmart, Restaurant Depot,  et al to stop serving ‘billions of billions’ and to tell their patrons and shareholders it ain’t nice to (how was it put in that nutshell? oh yeah) […]use[…] animals. Take a deep breath, let the enormity of that take hold on your psyche and let’s move on shall we, before the smoke in your frontal lobe becomes a little too noxious.

2) Ask the fishing industry, every livestock farmer, every hunter, every CAFO operation, to end it’s […]use[…] of animals and grow vegetables employing veganic principles, e.g. no manure, no farmed bees, no ? come on guys, don’t let me do all the dirty work, fill in some blanks already!

3) Ask all public hospitals, private clinics, governmental oversight agencies such as the FDA, EPA , USDA, to abandon all their offices, step outside, remove their leather shoes, throw down their hotdogs and proclaim abolitionism as their G*D, yikes! does that mean we have to go homoeopathic!!, sorry that doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’ either, as non-human animals are also […]used[…] in homeopathic treatment of illnesses such as venom or whole bees diluted in alcohol (do a little google, no that’s not a new dance craze) OK moving onward.

4) Ask the police and rescuers at times of catastrophes such as earthquakes to stop using cadaver dogs to solve murders or to sniff out victims buried but still alive under all the rubble, the armed forces to stop using anything that was procured from a non-human animal, such as leather boots (hmmm recurring theme there) also to stop using any weapons that were created  (this is where I need your help) using non-human animals as a medium, also here’s the fun part! what happens if aliens land on earth and are brandishing some kind of instrument of destruction that was obtained from non-human ‘whatevers’ (let your imagination run rampant, go ahead it’ll be fun & doesn’t cost much), should we tell them Gary L, Francione Professor, Rutgers University says ‘Go Vegan!

I hope you have a sense of humour, if not, go get one! because I have been itching to use this analogy and now I get to do just that! do you remember that scene in the movie ‘The professional’, the part where Stansfield (Gary Oldman, the bad cop) standing outside of the apartment building that  Leon (Jean Reno, the hit man) is holed up in with Mathilda (Natalie Portman, the girl) tells one of his underlings (fun word huh!) get everyone, and the underling says what do you mean everyone, and the bad cop says ev’ryyyyyone!!!!!!! well look at it this way, it’s exactly what Gary L, Francione Professor, Rutgers University is saying,  Get ev’ryyyyyone!!!!!!! to Go Vegan! and I think he means everyone in the universe, parallel included!

So you see, it’s no small request, you know Go Vegan! I mean if we all decided to knock on one door (you know, for the sake of expediency)  at a time in our respective neighbourhoods and asked to chat with the decision makers of the household about the ethics of abolitionism, just how do you think that would go down, I’m envisioning that you may have a non-human animal, namely ‘rover’ chasing you down the street while you try to hang on to your tofutti cuties, if you know what I mean lol!

The whole purpose of asking people to go vegan (at least in my opinion) is because until you ask, they may not consider doing so of their own volition, and not because you expect them to, but because you want to present the facts of a meat centric society that is bringing disease, ecological bankruptcy, and moral destitution to the masses (yes I just said “moral destitution” we can discuss that too if you’d like).

So did I say untenable or vacuous, because what I meant to say was it’s incredibly naive, a waste of energy and resources, extremely unlikely and to take that a little further (well more than a little) downright impossible, can I be any clearer? I mean as much as I would want the whole universe to Go Vegan! it’s just not ‘in the cards’, so I’d rather reach out to those that have a ‘listening ear’ for veg*nism and not set my expectations on converting ev’ryyyyone!!!!!!!

btw Go Vegan!, actually please do something, doesn’t have to be vegan, unless that’s what you want.